:: This site allows any candidate or candidate for plastic surgery or aesthetic restorative materials to find the    technical    information and necessary information about the surgeon and the clinic.

:: The most important factor of a successful plastic surgery or aesthetic restorative lies in the choice of surgeon.

:: The reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery is a specialty in its own right recognized by the Order of    Doctors, the    Ministry of Health and by the General Secretariat of Government. It includes reconstructive surgery    and surgery purely    aesthetic.

:: The plastic surgeon is the only qualified expert in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with the    National    Council of the College of Physicians.

:: He is the expert able to choose for you the technique most appropriate for you.

:: The plastic surgeon, is a therapist full of aesthetics, he knows the techniques and cosmetic surgical and  no    surgical.

:: It can help you shape your face and your body to bring beauty, harmony and elegance, factors of happiness and   well- being necessary to good health.

:: The reference cosmetic surgeon isolated (on a sign or a business card or an order or online .... etc..) Makes no    sense.    The only surgeon qualified in cosmetic surgery is the plastic surgeon. Feel free to check the qualification    in plastic    surgery your surgeon. To ensure this qualification :

:: Consult the website of the SMCPRE: www.smcpre.com or
Contact directly to the National Council or the Medical
Ask your surgeon's license to practice which shall include the words: qualified in plastic surgery.


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