The eyelids are the face of the most fragile and rapidly aging. The skin is thin and dry.

:: Dark and very unsightly pockets are often genetic in origin and they give the face a tired, sleepy or even    older.

:: The blepharoplasty surgery is fully developed and gives excellent results. At the disappearance of the swelling    and    bruising that lasts a few days, the light becomes more and more young gay.

Frequently asked questions?


:: For upper eyelid scar is on the crease of the eyelid. It is perfectly hidden when the eye is open. This scar is not    visible    démaquillée, and completely hidden by being  masked.

:: For the lower eyelids in the conjunctiva, the inside of the eyelid. The scar is completely invisible.

:: This is possible when there are pockets fat without slackening skin (not wrinkled skin). It's the way        trans- conjunctival.

:: Otherwise on the eyelid, to 2mm below the edge cilia. It is based on the internal angle of the eye at the corner    outside    beyond 5 mm. It allows the lifter when excess skin is wrinkled eyelid.

:: The scars are red for a few weeks to several months. The final appearance is achieved after 6 months to one    year.

After how long is it presentable?

:: Bruises (blue) and edema are common. The swelling is maximal on the 3rd day.

:: The son is removed on the 4th    or 5th day and it is reasonable to resume his professional activities after one    week.

When can we remaquiller?

:: Once the son is kidnapped.

Time of hospitalization?

:: 1 day

Recovery Time?

:: 1 week


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