:: Wrinkles of expression, if we find them rather charming in adulthood, invariably become unsightly over time because,   even at rest. They then demonstrate a severe nature, worried, sad or tired look which does not self- image that we   would   offer regards.

:: The forehead wrinkles are caused by facial expressions that lead to their long training. They appear all the  more easily    as the skin is fine and expressive face.

:: Popularized under the name Botox (brand product), botulinum toxin is now unavoidable in aesthetic medicine. Very    fashionable, it has virtually replaced the frontal lifting. It must not be cast to oblivion that it may be necessary in some    cases heavy. The product does not fill the wrinkles but blocks the muscles responsible.

::The effect is a reduction in force of contraction of the muscle target. Botox can be used as a preventive measure   in   preventing the appearance of wrinkles too pronounced. The subtlety of the cosmetic surgeon is the ideal   compromise   between the reduction of wrinkles and conservation of the facial expression.

::The plastic surgeon with a fine needle, injecting a few milliliters of Botox to specific points after a careful   identification.   The meeting is almost painless and takes only a few minutes.

:: This gesture is done in ambulatory care, upon appointment.

:: The reactivation of the patient immediately. The result is not instantaneous, it appears gradually over 72 hours.

:: The effect of Botox is dependent on the initial force of the muscle concerned.

:: In general, the effect lasts about four months, then back in time to complement and potentiate the effect of the  first    injection. The time between injections lie with the number of meetings.

:: Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOTOX?

:: It is a substance synthesized from botulinum toxin that causes the loss of contraction. Specifically, it produces  this   product with the purified form and attenuated (or weakened) by the toxin. Botox is used to weaken the muscle   contractility involved in the formation of wrinkles. Botox is used for more than 50 years, especially in children who suffer   from strabismus (eyes sixteenths).

What causes facial lines of expression?

:: Wrinkles are caused by the contraction of certain facial muscles under the skin.

How does it work?

:: Botox causes a decrease or inhibition of muscle contraction. The effect of Botox is usually after 72 H.

:: Botox can be used to treat wrinkles around the eyelids, forehead, between the eyebrows, upper lip and neck.

:: The effectiveness of an injection is estimated between 3 to 6 months, usually. However, injection intervals, ie before the    reappearance of muscle contraction, the muscle remains in a state of sluggishness and reduces the need for injections.

How does Botox?

:: Botulinum toxin binds to the ends of nerves and blocks chemical emissions that affect the muscles.
   When the brain controls the contraction of a muscle, these chemicals circulate the message. So if the message    is blocked, the muscle does not contract.

Botulinum toxin is usually 72 hours before acting. The effectiveness of an injection is estimated between 3 to 6    months

Are there any side effects?

:: Botox has been used for over 20 years with thousands of patients. It is a safe product that has proved its worth.    However, like any medical treatment, there may be side effects. The most common are :

:: Light blue, local swelling and / or a headache passenger.

:: In a proportion of 1 to 2%, there have been cases of eyelid drop (PTOs) and / or the eyebrow, (very rare) but this    effect    is generally passenger.

:: From time to time in some patients, one can observe a greater effect on one side than another, resulting in an    asymmetrical appearance. (asymmetric injection by doctor) doctor to review the adjustment.

:: Strabismus, a weakening of the muscles of the eye, is a temporary side effect was observed. Although this is a    transient response, it would be advisable to drive or steer. This situation occurs only very rarely with doses used    for    treating facial wrinkles. (injection too close to the orbit of the eye) choose an experienced doctor who has    done much.

:: Some patients develop resistance to treatment. (very rare)

Are there any indications against?

:: Botox is against in patients with infections at injection sites proposed for people who have demonstrated    hypersensitivity to any component whatsoever of the formula. We do not use Botox for patients who are    pregnant or    nursing, or in the case of allergy to albumin or Botox. In addition, people suffering from    neurological problems are    usually not treated.

What should I do before and after Botox treatment?

:: Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs as at least 1 week before or after treatment. (may cause blue)

:: Avoid any pressure, like you sleep on the treated area or massage the treated area for 4 hours after treatment.

:: Please contact your doctor if you have any questions related to symptoms or you have any concerns.


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