:: A micro-hair transplant involves 1 to 3 hair up.
The aim of micro-grafting is the filling of alopecia area and improve the density of hair. There are no cases of   rejection   because no foreign body is used in hair transplant, but only the hair that you implement the immune system recognizes   them as such.

:: Regrowth begins as normal a few weeks after transplantation of human hair. Hair regrow 3 months later, then 1 cm per    month before getting a final result after 1 year.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What precautions should be taken before an operation?

:: There should be a pre-operative assessment to see if you are healthy.

Does long hair are a nuisance for the transplant?

:: Not unlike the hair of the crown must have at least 2 cm in order to hide the scar sampling. It is not necessary to cut    the hair before a transplant. Long hair does not disturb us.

Is there any special preparation of the scalp before the operation?

:: No, it is not necessary since the scalp is normally maintained by a normal shampoo.

Why could it not itself onto the hair of another person?

:: It will produce a systematic rejection of transplanted hair as they would be considered by the body as a foreign body.

Is there a particular time for an operation?

:: No, you can be transplanted at any time of year. The sun is not an against-indication, however, it is better to protect    the head during a fortnight.

Hair transplants are fragile?

:: No, they are resistant hairs that grow all the time and have the same structure as the hair of the crown. You can    usually hair, cut, make a "brushing", colorings etc. ...

Is it that everyone can benefit from the transplant?

:: No, some very extensive baldness with a very thin crown and hair of poor quality, unfortunately, are not eligible  for    transplantation. But these cases are very rare

. Is it that women can benefit from the transplant?

:: Yes, women can also benefit from the transplant on the same principle as in men. Treatment with grafting  redensify lets    their hair.

Is there an age limit for an operation?

:: No, we can start to transplant 20 years and even 85 years ... Everything is to be healthy.

Interventions are they painful?

:: No, it must not fear these interventions, either during or after. Current means allow us to locally anesthetize the skin    without pain. During the operation, you can chat with us or listen to music.

What is the duration of interventions?

:: The duration of interventions depends on the technique used and the number of grafts implanted. For the micro- graft it    takes about 2 hours for a session of 350 grafts and approximately 3 to 4 hours for a session of 700    grafts.

:: For the ultra-micro-grafting, it takes about 2 hours for a session of 500 grafts, 3 1 / 2 hours for a session of 1000 grafts, 5    to 6 hours for 2000 grafts and approximately 7 to 8 hours for a meeting 4000 grafts.

The hair still on the top are torn down to put the plugins?

:: No, absolutely not. We need everything, when hair is still on top, placing the grafts between the existing hair. This is the    case of partial baldness with hair for the hair density.

Is there a risk of infection or contamination?

:: There is no risk of infection or contamination. The transplanted hair is your own hair. The equipment used for operations    is sterile.

Can you leave home without problem?

:: Yes, you can go home the same day of the operation without any problems. However, if we must return to his car for a    long journey, it is advisable to be accompanied.

Is it possible to travel by air immediately after the operation?

:: Yes, taking the aircraft does not change. You can rest or sleep by tilting the back of his seat aircraft.

Is there a treatment to be taken after the intervention?

:: In general, a light treatment (oral tablets) is set for about 5 days.

When can I resume activities?

:: Two to three days after surgery, one can normally again.

When can you resume sports?

:: The day after moderately, however, some violent sports and swimming should be avoided for about 10 days.

When can we make his first shampoo?

:: Two to three days after surgery, with your usual shampoo.

Is there a particular hair after surgery?

:: No, the hair transplant is a natural method that requires no special maintenance (or products or lotions). If you  already    use a lotion based capillary Minoxidil, you can resume two weeks after the intervention.

Is it necessary to remove the suture at the crown?

:: No, the suture that we use in the sampling zone is a resorbable thread to fall just after 20 days.You can use   a  non- absorbable thread that removes about 15 days later.

Should you return to make a control after the operation?

:: Yes, usually a control can be achieved after a few months to assess the quality of the regrowth of hair.

Is the sampling scar is visible at the crown? Does hair regrow it?

:: It boils down to a horizontal line at the crown, which may disappear completely, this varies from one individual  to    another. Regrow hair on both sides of the scar.

Are the new anti-fall are effective against hair loss?

:: No, no current drug can prevent hair loss.

How long after transplantation, the hair begin to grow?

:: Typically, it takes about 1 to 3 months before seeing out the first hair. They grow at a rate of 1 to 2 cm per    month.

Is the result guaranteed?

:: Yes, since the grafts were collected, cut and installed with great care, the regrowth is guaranteed. It is obvious  that all    the hair will not extend the same day at the same time. Regrowth occurs over time. But after several  months the grafts    are rejected more than 98%! The loss is negligible.

Does the hair transplant can return one day?

:: No, because they were taken from the crown where they are programmed to grow throughout life. They are resistant hair.

The quality of the hair graft is identical to that of hair once?

:: Regrow hair that will be identical to those missing. The only difference is that they never return, they are    resistant.

When is it possible to return to her hairdresser?

:: It is possible to return to her usual hairdresser about 20 days after the operation. Your hairdresser is a   professional who    is familiar with hair transplants. He can wash, cut and style your hair or make a normal    brushing but should not use a    stain or discoloration before 1 month after the operation. After this time, your    hairdresser can undertake all types of hair    care products made in the rules

Some centers offer transplants of artificial hair. Does this present a risk?

:: At the moment, no matter fully integrated by the body. The artificial hair is considered by the body as foreign  bodies. Not    only artificial hair fall but they are responsible for infections. We strongly.

What is Laser hair in relocation?

:: The laser used in surgery can cut the tissue. Applied to the hair transplant, it has been used in some clinics to  prepare    for slots in the area to implement. Unfortunately, it destroys the roots of hair remaining on top and burn  the other hand,    it delays healing. It was abandoned by most experts

Is it necessary to remain in hospital after the transplant?

:: No, the transplant is a procedure performed under local anesthesia which does not need to spend a night.

Should we make more meetings of the Registry to correct baldness?

:: Not necessarily. A balding, can be corrected in one sitting, depending on its size, its stability, the quality of the    remaining hair, height and flexibility of the crown, and the hairstyle you want. However, it is not uncommon to take    several sessions to get more density. It is quite possible to graft an area already established.

I plan to make several rounds of transplantation. What is the time limit between two sessions of the Registry?

:: Usually the time limit between two transplant sessions is 3 to 6 months. This period normally allows to assess the onset    of hair regrowth and the return to good flexibility of the crown for a new operation. Anyway, all that has been acquired by    the first meeting be forfeited. The sessions are independent of each other, they are    superimposed.

Is it possible to do a transplant on an area that has already been transplanted once?

:: Yes, it is quite possible to implement new grafts between the former without any damage. This is particularly  true when    you want to densify hair sparse.

I heard about "cloning of hair". Is this possible?

:: While it is true that science can now clone sheep identical, it is quite different to reproduce hair that had been taken from    an individual and reproduced thousands of copies in the laboratory! A hair cell is not a real but a  very complex organ    composed of several different tissues. Also want to culture hair would want to replicate    exactly a complex organ like    the human eye. Suffice it to say that it is science fiction ... for now ..


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