In Morocco the plastic and cosmetic surgery has existed for several decades and is currently undergoing a  major    expansion with the changing social and medical.

:: All social groups and increasingly the two sexes use cosmetic surgery in order to create or recreate the beauty for  their    physical well-being and morale.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery or rejuvenation and beauty has made in recent years very considerable  progress    made possible by a better understanding of tissues and anatomical structures and the advent of new technologies.

In aesthetic surgery in particular of the interventions so far have been modernized classics and the results are  better    and more sustainable.

New interventions have been making possible the correction of previously inaccessible and misfortunes this  with the    constant concern for greater safety, comfort and larger scars more muted.

:: The techniques of anesthesia have also been increased allowing more light anesthesia, after the simplest and  therefore    the length of hospital stay much shorter. Such advances are not without a training and information  continually updated    from plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

:: This training should follow a comprehensive and rigorous education to allow for practice in the best conditions  of safety    and reliability.

:: Surgeon first, then he must specialize in plastic surgery and aesthetic competence and be recognized by the  Conseil    National de l'Ordre des Médecins.

:: Care, the surgeon owes to its patients through a personalized consultation, analyzing in detail the request and    explaining all the technical aspects related thereto. The operation performed in the best conditions of safety  and    comfort, will be followed by regular checks to monitor the best surgical suites.

:: The psychological perception of art and aesthetic surgeon can lead to change that best meets the hopes and  deep    desires of the patient. In some cases, the cosmetic surgeon is wise and warned him to abstain.

:: Plastic surgery far from going against the will of God, when it restores the perfection to man, seemed better the    second.


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