The AESTHETIC SURGERY CLINIC Casablanca is located in a residential neighborhood in the heart of the city of    Casablanca.

:: The largest city of the Maghreb, the economic capital of the Kingdom which embodies the modern Morocco.

The AESTHETIC SURGERY CLINIC CASABLANCA meets international security standards imposed by our    regulators.

The setting is pleasant, friendly and aesthetic.

The staff is warm, reassuring and professional.

:: The equipment is ultra-modern with ORs equipped with sterile air.

:: The recovery room and are equipped with resuscitation equipment performance.

:: The rooms are quiet, sunny, well appointed and open onto a garden.

:: The AESTHETIC SURGERY CLINIC CASABLANCA guarantee you a stay of exceptional quality in the service of    beauty and wellness.

:: Statistics show that every year millions of women and men have resorted to cosmetic surgery to improve their    physical    and their sense of well-being.

:: Clinic, Iraqi, asthetic,surgery, plastic, facelift, nose, eyelids, lips, chin, ears, breasts, abdomen, liposuction,    liposculpture, micro-grafts of the scalp, correction of scars, treatment of wrinkles, lipofilling, laser, ....

:: The clinical aesthetics Casablanca is located in a residential area in the heart of the city and meets    international safety    standards imposed by our regulators.

:: At the clinic of plastic surgery CASABLANCA your beauty, your harmony, your beauty, your well-being and    happiness   are our main concerns.

:: Your desires and wishes are our permanent objectives


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