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The simplest method of lip augmentation involves the injection of filler products.

:: Preference is to biodegradable products, because they can always be completed.

If a reaction occurs against the product, the problem would disappear spontaneously gradually by assimilation of the    product in question.

Therefore successive injections of product.

The most effective way to enlarge your lips is to use its own fat of the patient. This intervention is called    lipostructure.

:: A small amount of fat is taken from the thigh, buttocks or stomach, via a 3 mm (liposuction).

:: Small fat particles are purified and reinjected into the lips.

:: The lips remain swollen for two to three weeks.

:: The operation is done under local anesthesia. Most often, the result is permanent, though only after a certain    time, a    part of the volume can dissolve.

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