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 The facelift aims to correct the sagging tissue of the face (cheeks, jowls, facial contour and neck) and reduce    wrinkles.

:: The cervico-facial facelift to return the features of the face. The face is reshaped and rejuvenated in its entirety.
The procedure takes 2 to 3 hours, under local anesthesia associated with neuroleptic (tranquilizers administered    by    injection).

:: After an incision in the scalp and around the ear, the skin is then peeled off redrapée on the face and neck. The    muscles of the neck and cheeks are slightly retendus to preserve the natural appearance of the face.

:: The hospitalization lasts from 12 to 24 hours.

:: During 48 hours, the patient wears a compression bandage to limit swelling and bruising; them disappear over several    weeks.

:: The scars will be hidden by the hair and the relief of the ear.

:: Well, a facelift allows rejuvenation of a dozen years or so, depending on lifestyle and skin type, the effects last  for    months or longer (5 to 15 years). One person can make 2 to 3 lift in her lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the scars?

:: The incisions are largely hidden by the hair, and easily concealable. The skin incision is discreet in the ear, on the    natural.

Is it a pain?

:: Like all surgical operating suites are perceived differently from one person to another. A little discomfort in one  is felt as    pain higher in the other. Tranquillizers simple enough to remove any pain. They are kind of tension.

At what age can you do a facelift?

:: The age of first lifting depends on the condition of the skin and also the personal requirement of a woman. In  general,    the first is to lift the quarantine

How is the intervention?

:: The lifting is performed under local anesthesia with premedication.

:: The incision is made in the scalp, down to the ear, back behind fairly high the flag of the ear, then bowed to the scalp    and down the neck through the hair. The muscles under the skin is tensioned. A degreasing can be done at the same    time.

:: The main work done under the skin, to muscles, fibrous tissue and fat which are lifted and reset in their new position.    The surplus fat in the neck is removed and the neck muscles tightened. When the skin is seen, it must be given    direction and tension that lead to the most natural result possible. We must avoid any surge in the skin excision. The    duration of the intervention is about 2 h 30.

The. What are the surgical suites?

:: To reduce swelling, it is a compression bandage around the head, and the removal of 24 hours.

:: Tranquillizers simple enough to eliminate any pain that are kind of tension.

:: The patient can usually leave the clinic 12 to 48 hours after surgery with a scarf on her head. The hair can be  washed    before leaving.

:: The son withdrew to the 10th day.

After how long am I "visible"?

:: The operating suites are marked by blue or bruises that appear immediately to two days after surgery.They had 8 to 10    days and are more or less important according to the patients.

:: Edema: is moderate and often disappear gradually in the weeks that follow, without this gene social life.

:: Scars: must be disinfected until the removal of the son and then they will be massaged for 2 months and protected    from the sun by applying sunscreen.

:: Before returning to a normal social life, it usually wait 10 to 20 days and use a little makeup. Even if your parents and    friends do not see your edema, it is certain that you will feel for many months in a more or less  marked.

What are the risks of lifting?

:: Like any surgery, the cervico-facial facelift may have some general complications: infection, hematoma or  anesthetic    complications. These complications are rare.

:: In more specific terms, it may arise from the uncertainties scar, especially in people with fragile skin exposed to    sunlight, or who smoke. These uncertainties are demonstrated by the most visible scar, sometimes thick, especially in    the retro-auricular (behind the ear).

:: Quite often, the skin sensitivity is reduced, a certain numbness persists for several months, especially before the ears.

:: Complications nerve at the facial nerve branches are rare.

Can I comb my hair back?

:: The scars are in the hair. The chignon is possible from the 2nd mois.Si you use a dye, it is better to do before surgery to    avoid the risk of tattooed scars.

Could I quickly expose my face to the sun?

:: It is not too early to expose the scars to the sun.

:: After a few weeks it is possible to expose themselves with sunscreen.

How long does a facelift?

A facelift can last from 5 to 15 years depending on the skin and lifestyle. After a facelift, it is aging no more quickly or    more slowly. However, it continues to age while maintaining a gap relative to real time.Fell on the  clock, but time    continues to move forward. Heredity and lifestyle can also help prolong the result.

:: It is imperative not to smoke, thus protecting from the harmful effects of sun, and maintain the skin to extend the    benefit of this intervention. While knowing that we can make several facelifts.

Can I do make the eyelids at the same time?

:: It is often a joint application to lifting. It is quite possible to achieve these two interventions during the same operation.


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