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is a plastic surgery and aesthetic which is to eliminate aspiration of excess fat under the skin    localized to    specific areas of the body.

:: The transaction must - be done by a specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetics.

:: The results are spectacular, especially as it is performed in patients with skin toned and elastic, which retracts    after    the fat has been removed.

:: Excess localized fat are found preferentially at certain locations of the body: pants horse or outer thighs, hips or    love    handles, abdomen, inner thighs, inner knees, buttocks, double chin and the inside arms.

:: Liposuction can be used alone or combined with other surgery (abdominoplasty, facelift or lipofilling ... etc).

:: Importantly, fat removed will not return later.

:: Before the operation a pre-operative assessment be made.

:: The operation involves removing fat by suction through a cannula back by very small incisions in the skin most    often    hidden in a natural skin fold.

:: This operation has the great advantage of leaving only very small scars that fade or disappear over time.
   You will be operated under local anesthesia (liposuction small area on a small well located) or, most often under epidural    (various areas to be treated, liposuction important) and then requiring a hospital stay of one    night.

:: The panthy will be brought to the end of the intervention, and held the role of compression dressing, this  reducing the    post-operative swelling associated with liposuction.

:: After the operation you can walk and move immediately after the intervention, but you'll be embarrassed for a  few days in    case of liposuction important.

:: You must wear the panthy for one to three months, day and night. Stopping work varies from 24 hours to 10  days.

:: Ecchymosis (blue) will disappear within two to three weeks and edema (swelling) in two to three months, when    you    appreciate the result.

:: The ultrasonic liposuction is prohibited because it is dangerous and which complications can be serious.

Frequently asked questions?

What is liposuction?

:: This is the removal of excess fat (or bosses fat) located on parts of the body: the belly, hips, buttocks, inner  thighs, the    inside of the knees, the inner arm , double chin and sometimes the breasts.

What are the different techniques used?

:: The ultrasonic technique is to be avoided because the risk of burns is possible and fat is fatal for a lipofilling.

:: The classic technique is the most practiced.

Are there any indications against?

:: There are no indications against local requirement to comply with good indications of liposuction (fat bumps or    localized cellulitis).

:: Patients should contact a real expert in this field, as cases of failure are not negligible. The patient's life may  depend.

Is it necessary to be hospitalized?

:: The operation is done under local anesthesia or loco-regional, in an operation and in the presence of an  anesthetist. the    patient returns home the same day. Wearing a jacket is advisable. The convalescent period is a    few days.

Could obesity be treated by liposuction?

:: No, liposuction does not treat obesity but eliminates bumps localized fat that frequently accompany obesity and    therefore the body regains its harmony. Obesity becomes disharmonieuse few hours Obesity harmonious thing  which is    impossible without liposuction.

:: Obesity without bumps is easier to deal with a regular food hygiene and a proper sport.


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