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Why operate?

:: The malposition of the chin often cause a problem aesthetics, harmony missing profile, the chin may be :

:: Forward

:: Back

:: Large

:: Too small

:: From Through

:: The abnormal position of the chin also cause damage to the gingiva of the lower teeth which can take off. In    addition,    there may be a nuisance to the closure of the lips that are ajar. In some cases, abnormal development    of the jaws are    involved and require surgical treatment combined (see osteotomies of the maxilla and    mandible).

:: The mentoplastie allows in some cases the standardization of reports of maxillary, and soft tissue facial profile.

How is the intervention?

:: The operation is often performed under local anesthesia with premedication rarely general anesthesia.

:: There are various surgical techniques. Usually the chin is approached by an incision in the mouth so without  visible    scar. The idea is to cut the chin bone horizontally under the roots of teeth.

:: The chin is then moved in the expected direction and fixed with screws, son of steel plates (osteosynthesis). In    rare    cases, the correction of the anomaly in the chin may require bone grafting.

:: This graft can be replaced by a biocompatible implant (artificial) placed through the mouth or through a short    skin    incision (the risk of late complications is greater with a transplant).

:: Osteosynthesis material can be removed in another operation, at least 6 months after the first.


:: There after the edema of the cheeks and lips, and in some cases, bruising, which will disappear in a few days.
If you have pain, they can be treated with painkillers.

:: The opening of the mouth may be restricted in a first time and quickly normalize.

:: The movement of the chin results in a more or less of the face. In general, the operation designed to obtain   reliable    harmony of the face as facial profile. However, it is necessary to monitor the result of the transaction by   check regularly    to find time a rare change of position of the chin.


:: Any surgery carries risks sometimes frightening, but fortunately exceptional surgeon is obliged to inform you.


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