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The ears are related to congenital malformations of the cartilage :

:: A lack of kinking of the anthélix: resulting in a lack of relief

:: Enlargement of the shell: accentuating the projection of the ear

:: An angle or too retro atrial important.

:: These three anomalies are frequent.

At what age perform the procedure?

:: From 7 years and no age limit.

What kind of anesthesia?

:: The more often a local anesthesia with premedication is sufficient.

What is the duration of the intervention?

:: On average an hour and a half hours.

What are the surgical suites?

:: Are generally simple.

:: Moderate pain may be eased by painkillers.

:: Bruises (blue) and an edema (swollen ears) are present and disappear after a few days.

:: The scar made behind the ear is most often invisible.

What are the complications that can occur during a autoplastie?

:: In exceptional cases, it may be a hematoma which will require a new hemostasis, infection (chondrite) that    require a new surgery or simply by antibiotic treatment.

:: The scar made behind the ear can grow and develop into a keloid.

:: There may be other exceptional or unexpected complications as with any surgery.

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