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 If God made me the honor to consult me, I would have advised to put wrinkles in women under the heel. "Ninon    de    Lenclos, a French woman of letters, wrote this beautiful sentence in the seventeenth century. It was already    worry    about the marks of passing time.

:: Wrinkles are a break in the skin that appears as a result of three factors :

1 / Age alters the structure of the skin. It consists of three layers :

:: The epidermis surface, the dermis - connective tissue support - and hypodermis rich in fat cells. As we age, the    skin    cells renew themselves so well.

:: The skin dries out, will streak and tissues to relax. Wrinkles appear in the skin surface and then burrow into the    dermis. It loses its elasticity and wrinkles deep move.

2 / For women, menopause, hormone production stops. Their absence accelerates skin aging.

3 / The environment also plays a role, particularly the sun and tobacco.

:: Smoking narrows the diameter of small vessels that nourish the skin and feed on micro-nutrients to skin cells.    They    are vulnerable.

:: The sun, meanwhile, promotes the formation of free radicals that attack skin cells and cause premature death.

:: The combination of smoking and the sun is extremely bad for the skin.

Types of rides

:: There are several types of wrinkles that are differentiated by their location, either by way of training. They are  found    mainly around the mouth, around the eyes and forehead.

- Crow's feet (wrinkles or the "smile"): expression lines that form around the eyes.

- Wrinkles of the forehead (wrinkles or concern): wrinkles particularly pronounced in people who are expressive and look   older before age.
  Wrinkles between the two eyebrows (or lion rides): they tend to give a severe under.

- The peri-oral wrinkles (wrinkles or sun): wrinkles caused by hypertonia of the muscle surrounding the lips  (frequent in the   elderly).

- The paths nasogéniens: large wrinkles that mark the nose to the corner of the lips due to the loosening of the skin.

- The bitterness folds: over time, thinning lips, and is ridente folds form of bitterness on both sides of the mouth.

- Wrinkles disgust, also known as "wrinkles Bunny": these wrinkles appear when the cusp nose, but may be  permanent   in some people.

Treatment of wrinkles

:: Cosmetics has come a long way to overcome the wrinkles and techniques are refined and multiplied: laser  surgery,    Botox or wrinkle fillers.

:: Botox acts on the rides of 1 / 3 upper face. An injection of botulinum toxin is to be repeated every four to six  months.

:: Filling injection of collagen or other products lasts between three months and a year or more, depending on the agent    used.

:: Lipostructure, an injection of its own fat which helps to sculpt the face and whose effects can last a few months to    several years depending on the quality of fat each.

:: Better to take your time to choose the technique most suited to its rides, has his skin, and also results in the budget

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