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1 / Indications for breast augmentation

::There are four distinct cases :
- Breast hypoplasia: lack of development of the mammary gland (breast too small)
- Mammary Aplasia: stop the development of the mammary gland (no breasts)
- Asymmetry breast: lack of symmetry of both breasts (the breasts are not the same size)
- Breast Ptosis: sagging breasts by loosening its means of support (the chest was empty at the top). In this case, it   combines a breast augmentation plastic to raise the breasts.

2 / breast

::There are different varieties of breast implants according to their form and content.
  Are used most often prostheses round silicone gel. The implants come in a wide variety of sizes making them adaptable   to all morphologies. The surgeon makes testing different sliding prostheses in the bra under the   garment to determine   the correct diagnosis between the size of the cups.

::The envelope of silicone gives it to the prosthesis and that it is the interface between the body and the implant. As to   product filling, silicone gel, it helps maintain the shape of the prosthesis.
  A prosthesis round brings more volume to the upper part of the breast with an abrupt transition zone between   the chest   and breast. The prosthesis shaping a round neckline neckline and is suitable for women who have   breast already   somewhat trained.

3 / Intervention

::The operation lasts 1 to 2 hours and is most often under local anesthesia, general rarely. Hospitalization is 12H to 24H.
  There are 2 options for inserting the breast implants:

- The retro-glandular position (behind the mammary gland): the quantity of glandular tissue and the elasticity of the skin must be sufficient to cover the implant on each side.
- The position retro-muscular (in behind the pectoral muscles)

:: prostheses should be inserted so that they are invisible and impalpable.

  The surgeon is on each side, a small incision of 3 to 4 cm. It is through these incisions that are put in place both breast.   There is no other than scars left by these cuts. They are small, hidden and almost invisible.
  There are 3 possible routes first to establish the implants:

- The way aréolaire died: on the edge of the areola surrounding the nipple
- The way in breast: in the crease under the breast
- The axillary: in the center of the armpit

4 / The post-operative follow -

:: A bra is keeping to wear day and night for a few days. Once the stitches removed, it is recommended to gently    massage the scar and the chest with a cream. During the first week we should not carry heavy loads or engage in sports    activities.

An inspection is scheduled with the surgeon a few days after surgery, during which it checks the state of  healing.    Fatigue may persist for a few days and it is better to allow a rest period, no work, for care and  convalescence. The    breasts may be slightly swollen and painful to the touch, with blue. It is also possible to feel a sense of tension, because    the skin has to adapt to the new size of the breast. These problems may last for 1month.

5 / Results

:: The result is immediate from the first month, but it is final after 6 to 8 months when the glandular tissue and pectoral muscle (if retro-muscular implantation) have adapted to their new shape.

6 / The capsular contracture (shell)

:: The most common complication following a breast augmentation is the possible formation of a capsular  contracture (i 1    to 2 per cent). As around any foreign body, the response of the body is to form a fibrous capsule  progressively    protection. This happens around the breast implants quite normal. But sometimes this capsule  thickens, strengthens,    forming a fibrous shell more or less embarrassing. This shell may appear within a few weeks or several years after    surgery. In this case, there is a new intervention.

7 / The duration of prostheses

:: Breast implants have a limited life (ten years). They grow older and can wear out or break after an incident (a  fall,    shock). It is impossible to accurately predict the lifespan of each implant. The risk of rupture increases with  seniority.    A ruptured implant must be surgically removed and replaced

8 / Frequently Asked Questions

Can not breastfeed after implant installation?

:: Wrong. Breastfeeding is not impossible in one patient carrying prosthetic breasts.
   No studies have shown a risk to the baby. However, an abscess in breast engorgement with milk is always possible    when breastfeeding, the spread of an infection of the breast prosthesis can achieve and require the removal of the latter.

The prostheses they cause cancer?

:: Wrong. They do not increase the risk of breast cancer, during this operation starts on the means of prevention and    educates the patient to a autopalpation. The same silicone prostheses are used to replace the missing  volume after    surgical amputation of the breast cancer precisely.

The aircraft are prohibited to be carriers of breast implants?

:: Wrong. Dentures explode in any case during a trip by plane, the proportion of air hostesses bearing prostheses should,    by the requirement of their job, be higher than the rest of the population.

The intervention can be supported by health insurance?

:: True, some patients may theoretically benefit from care by prior arrangement. Having small breasts can cause    disorders of the self-image, but this is not considered a disease. Failure of development of breasts, asymmetry and    breast reconstruction after removal of part or all of a breast due to cancer are supported.

Would it not expose her breasts in the sun?

Wrong. We must not expose his scars the first few months, but disappear as there is no indication against.

The prostheses they are perceptible to the touch?

:: Wrong. When the operation is successful they are imperceptible. Many men are unaware that their partner is a  carrier of    prostheses.

Nipples lose their sensitivity after the operation?

:: Wrong. In any surgery on the skin and subcutaneous structures, the sensitivity is changed, it can be exaggerated  or    reduced in most cases. At the breast changes in sensitivity of nipples is almost always transient, recovery  occurs    gradually over a few months.

The sport is banned there after a breast augmentation?

:: Wrong. Sports violent gestures of the arms further up are not recommended for 4 weeks after surgery, and lying on its    belly. After this time, no restrictions are returning to normal life, often more beautiful ....

Can this be done before pregnancy?

:: True. This operation does not interfere with subsequent pregnancies, but it takes a period of 1 year on average before    getting pregnant, not to deteriorate the result. You also have a period of 3 to 4 months after the end of a lactation.

Is it suffers after the intervention?

:: The operation is performed under anesthesia, so we did not feel anything. A feeling of tightness and tension is    possible, the first 3 days, detailed or violent movements.
   But these feelings are generally bearable. Taking pain medication mitigates against these signs, they are  improved by    wearing a bra.

How long off work?

:: Off time of 1 work week, but it depends mainly on the type of work.

At what age can you benefit from an intervention?

:: At the end of puberty, when breast growth is complete. Thus, from 17 years after the parental consent.

What is the best time to do a breast augmentation?

:: There is no preferential period. This step is practiced year-round regardless of the season, with a particular  enthusiasm    for the approach of summer.

Corrects breast reduction breast hypertrophy. This hypertrophiese defined as a volume of breasts too large  compared    to the morphology of the patient. This excess volume and thus weight, alters the elasticity of tissue  and eventually lead    to ptosis (falling) of the breast.
   Mammary hypertrophy affects the static spine, causing pain in the dorsal muscles, aggravated by the attitude that    vaulted take some patients to hide their strong chest.
   Reducing mammary hypertrophy deals, reduces pain (back, shoulders, neck) and relieves irritation problems in the    breast.

1 / Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can it be operated?

:: This can be done at the end of puberty (around age 17) in the important forms.

Where are the scars?

The scars depend on the technique used and the degree of hypertrophy and the degree of ptosis exists.
   Thus we can either have a scar in "T" reversed if large hypertrophy and significant breast ptosis.
   A scar or peri-areolar (around the areola) in the case of simple hyperplasia without significant ptosis or a scar  around    the areola and a vertical.

How much can I withdraw breasts?

:: The reshaping of the breasts must take into account the size of the patient, the thickness and width of his chest  to    provide a volume consistent with its silhouette. The intervention aims to balance the volumes while restoring to a natural    areola.

Can you breastfeed after a mammoplasty?

:: Yes breastfeeding is usually possible after mammoplasty. It must be remembered that a minimum period of  2 years is    necessary to have a pregnancy after a breast reduction.

What tests are performed before the intervention?

:: Before surgery, a preoperative assessment check against the no-indication. A radiological assessment including       mammography is usually performed.

How is the intervention?

:: The operation is performed in a surgical structure and in the presence of an anesthetist, usually under local anesthesia    with good premedication and lasts between two to three hours. It involves moving the nipple upward, to remove excess    gland (usually there is an excess of fatty tissue which is responsible for breast enlargement, indicated by    mammography. In this case instead of a glandular resection classic I developed a technique that is to perform a breast    liposculpture to reduce fat overload) and skin and reshape the breast. The length of the scars depends on the reduction    and the degree of ptosis. The patient left the clinic the same day, therefore, not hospitalization.

What are the surgical suites?

:: This procedure is usually quite painful. Wearing a bra is advisable night and day for a month and then only on  the    following months. The son is removed the 10 th day.

After how long can you play sports?

:: It is possible to resume the sport ten days after the operation.

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