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Moroccan women are more likely to use the talents of a cosmetic surgeon. But between correct a minor defect and hope to change through life with a scalpel, the border is sometimes subtle. Investigation.

:: To see them installed in the waiting rooms of various clinics of the economic capital, one wonders what qu'Imane, Souad, Hind and Soraya came to do. Young and pretty, yet they are dissatisfied with their body or their face. With a small defect by here and there, they seek perfection. Easy to achieve when its portfolio is well stocked.

:: "I've always been complexed by this bump on my nose. I have long been a source of ridicule. And I am determined to pass the act, "says Hind, Bachelor. "I'm leaving soon for my studies in France. My Dad pays me my operation, "she says, all excited to finally get over this block that changed his life.
Of young and old as Hind occur increasingly in cosmetic surgery clinics have set up shop in Casablanca, Rabat or Marrakech. Where the effects of nutrition and sports stop, surgery takes over. "The selection of patients is usually warranted," retorted Dr. Kamal Iraqi Houssaini, clinic aesthetics Casablanca. The latter, also president of the Moroccan Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SMCPRE), believes that "surgery, cosmetic or restorative surgery is primarily health. It also responds well to well-being physically and mentally. "

A fad?

:: The fashion of oversized breasts and lips does not (yet) be up to date for Moroccans. Correct a defect or visible body regain its youth seems to be the main motivation. "After two pregnancies, my body is a bit distorted. My breasts and my stomach fell. This is why I come visit, "said Souad, accompanied by her mother, sexagenarian, who has herself used the scalpel. "I did what is called a facial rejuvenation surgery. When my daughter told me of his wish, I immediately directed to the surgeon who followed me. "

:: Democratization of the surgery meets an increasing demand, helped by a big boost word of mouth. In the image of Imane, at table at Paul with its neighbors and friends after a hard day shopping. The conversation eventually divert the surgery. A woman, a default, an operation, a happy life. The formula, a little too simple, captures the meeting. Neither one nor two, Imane goes to the surgeon who has done wonders on the body of her neighbor, who stands beside him in the waiting room. His problem? Asymmetrical breasts. At least not to undress her, impossible to notice this "horrible failure". However, Imane seems very affected. 'I'm ruining lives. This defect is amplified after my pregnancy. I feel we do not see it. " She lowered her head, tears rise. After an emotional caress her neighbor, she continues: "All are good excuses for not making love with my husband. Even when you do it, I keep my bra. It is very heavy. "

:: "Socially, the surgery can have many positive contributions," according to Dr. Mohamed Guessous, plastic and cosmetic surgeon. "But we may also refuse some requests," hastens to add it. "With the need for surgical and technical, some operations are impractical and unrealistic". This would be the policy of the cosmetic surgeon: the body is a table, the surgeon an artist, and a certain harmony is to be observed.

Finding the "perfect"
"We must avoid radical changes, not looking for the perfect," said Bernard Corbel, psychologist. A notion of the perfect would be akin to vases of music channels in the Middle East. Or when surgery is scary instead of embellishing. The application must be thorough to avoid misuses. The review can be a problem if the applicant has certain psychological disorders. "The surgeon must be able to detect ill-being. It would be wise to refer the patient to a psychologist first, "adds Dr. Corbel. Apart from the failures, the paradox of cosmetic surgery occurs when the person does not accept his transformation.

"I have taken the plunge one day and made myself a liposculpture surgery and a beautification of the face, after tough negotiations with my husband, who was against," says Soraya, a young mother thirties, pressed for be "finished" to enjoy his vacation abroad with her new body. She returned for follow-up, but the outcome scares him. "In terms of my body, I'm satisfied. I'm off the fat of the thighs, stomach, buttocks and arms, "she says. "But to my face, I feel like a doll. My skin gets too much. In addition to hurting me, it's not at all natural. " Soraya's case is not isolated, when his desire for change is made abruptly. A step back, coupled with a certain maturity is necessary. As with any operation, surgery may be at risk. "But it is less due to anesthesia," explains Dr. Iraqi Houssaini. The risk remains ratage depending on the difficulty of the operation. "80% of cosmetic surgery for liposuction in Morocco," the president of the SMCPRE. Less demanding than a breast augmentation for example, satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Especially since the reputation of our surgeons transcends borders, as confirmed by Dr. Guessous, one of the pioneers of medical tourism "Made in Morocco": "Casablanca is now one of the world of cosmetic surgery ".

Liposuction, tummy tucks and breast surgery operations are most in demand.
Beginning 6000-20 000 DH for the first 15 000 and 30 000 for the second and 10 000 to 20 000 for the last. The price varies depending on the amount of fat extracted and size of breast implants. Male demand also tends to become more democratic, representative from 10 to 20% of customers, according to the clinic. For what kind of operations? Liposuction, rhinoplasty and hair transplant. While it is recommended to work on his image and how one perceives his body first, and before the plunge, why not still take advantage of what exists? "You just be careful not to overdo it," warns Dr. Corbel. "Because cosmetic surgery is a big market. Better to learn the most, "and not take what comes out of mouth as gospel. Kamal Iraqi Houssaini advocates of "awareness of the surgery, as in Tunisia, where even the government meddles in its advertising." Maybe, but not forgetting to emphasize we do not cure his malaise as scalpels shots.

Nezha Maachi


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