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:: A national event with an international dimension

:: The Moroccan Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SMCPRE) held its 15th congress on 25 and 26 March in Casablanca on the theme "Cosmetic surgery: risks and progress."

:: "We saw a lot of forthcoming developments and news about plastic surgery as well as aesthetic medicine, for example, some surgical procedures can now be replaced by injections. For some operations, hospitalization is shorter and simpler suites.

:: However, any intervention in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery is a medical operation in its own right like any other surgery, sometimes with postoperative, namely blue, edema, pain and, in some cases, effects side, such an allergic reaction to anesthesia, wound healing problems, etc.. The important thing here is how to explain this evolutionary process to patients who are waiting, in most cases, an instant result, "said Dr Kamal Iraqi Houssaini, President of the SMCPRE.

:: This conference was intended both to specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic restorative and young students in the field. Over 200 participants attended panel discussions led by national and international speakers such as renowned Dr. Yves Gerard Illouz, France, French inventor of liposuction, who chaired the opening session and a panel discussion on abdominoplasty, Dr. Giovanni Botti, a famous Italian teacher of surgery who gave a presentation on the filling fat and mammary transplantation, Dr. Mark Berman, President of the American society of plastic surgery which held a meeting on repair of capsular contracture after breast augmentation ... and many other distinguished speakers participated in this congress, not to mention the presidents of Algeria and Tunisia for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

:: "This conference also allowed to compare the experiences of Moroccan doctors to those of their foreign colleagues. We are pleased and proud of the great success of this congress, both the organizational and scientific know-how thanks to the organizers, the warm and friendly atmosphere and quality of all the speakers, "said wanted to clarify Dr Kamal Iraqi Houssaini.

Doctinews No. 33 May 2011



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