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:: During recent months, "she loose. Gone are the days when beauty was synonymous with corpulence. Today, having the round belly, produce beads or drag becomes unnecessary kilos frowned upon in a society that no longer tolerates cellulite. Witness the frenzy with which some women - and men, more and more - stalk their fat. "The Moroccans are aware of their bodies. Have a slim waist is primarily a sign of health and wellness, "says Bahia Ouazzani, physician specializes in slimming.

:: All means are good for losing weight, it is not the formulas that are missing: fitness clubs, diet, plastic surgery ... But what are the gyms that have benefited most from this fever of thinness. To believe their leaders, demand has increased steadily over the past decade. There are no statistics on the subject, but, according to professionals, there are around twenty high-end clubs for wealthy clients. Next to this category, a multitude of sports clubs have opened, aimed mostly small and medium grants. Playing on the heartstrings of "obsessed" weight, fitness centers have introduced the concept "circuit thinness in 30 minutes" that already exists in France and the United States. This is an effective workout that alternates aerobic exercise and muscle strength for half an hour for two to three sessions per week. Notably, however, there is unanimity on the fact that women constitute the majority of members. "Women make up about 70% of our customers. It is indeed among the fairer sex that you feel a certain rigor and determination to lose weight, "says the head of a gym in Casablanca. Therefore, this customer is at the heart of the business strategy of clubs. "It is working women because they are very sensitive to the issue of thinness. And also because they are better credit risks than men, "quipped the marketing director of a fitness club.

:: Launched a few years ago, the slimming centers are also subject to runs. "Demand has exploded in recent years. People understand that to lose weight, you need a support, "joked Ouazzani Bahia, who runs a slimming center in Casablanca. Moreover, according to specialist diets are exceeded. Today, we talk about setting food and body contouring: "We teach people how to eat, because, after all, this is the lifestyle that determines the weight of each person," says the director.

:: Beware of scam
As excessive dieting, you know, may be harmful to health. "The rapid loss of weight is not a good sign. An unbalanced diet or very low calorie, when he was arrested, generates a recovery of weight lost as fat, "warns Dr. Abdelilah Bennani, nutrition specialist. Worse, the thinness of the market has an appetite for "investors" of all stripes, which may have nothing to do with the profession. Thus, under the "beauty center", it is not uncommon to be offered slimming formulas. "Unfortunately, there is no status for slimming centers. Indeed, given the increased demand, some intruders make this activity their livelihood. Even the steam go at it, then it is a medical discipline that requires training and expertise, "Bahia Ouazzani ton.
But the riskiest will undoubtedly be the use of cosmetic surgery. Occasionally, some clinics are the scene of tragedies that shed light on the danger and even death, to engage in the hands of unscrupulous practitioners. "The whole problem is that many doctors do without plastic surgery specialists. Some even claim that specialty on their business card or website, without being disturbed, "said Kamal Iraqi Houssaïni, president of the Moroccan Society of Plastic Surgery.
The rates of clinical Moroccan cheap compared to prices for interventions in Europe for example, encouraged a new form of cosmetic surgery tourism. In recent years, foreign visitors has increased steadily. However, plastic surgery is still underdeveloped in Morocco compared to countries like Tunisia, Egypt or Lebanon. "The fad is that a lot of talk, but that does not reflect reality. On average, an artist is no more than two operations a day, "says Kamal Iraqi Houssaïni.

:: Business. The misfortune of one ...
The thinness of the market has consistently attracted the interest of entrepreneurs who do not skimp on the means. Thus, a gym high end may require an investment ranging from 5 to 15 million dirhams, according to the size, design and location of the premises. The franchise model is still in vogue in this business. Signs such as Moving, Body Fitness, gym or the Garden Plaza multiply. And these contractors are well aware that the profitability of their investment is assured. The annual subscription price of a club in this category vary in effect between 8000 and 12,000 dirhams. Sports halls mainly targeted executives. Proof is the large number of centers with an address at Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca by area business excellence. For a few thousand dirhams more, the less athletic opt for cosmetic surgery. Rates are set by the physician and depend on the nature of the intervention. As a guide, the price of liposuction of the abdomen varies between 12,000 and 25,000 dirhams. "Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic surgery is not expensive compared to other medical interventions," said Kamal Iraqi Houssaïni, president of the Moroccan Society of Plastic Surgery.

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